Committees & Directors

MYP is a committee driven organization. Meeting and working with other members inside of committees allows for great networking opportunities, as well as the challenge of planning social events, recruitment of new members, philanthropy and fundraising goals. Strong relationships are built by joining committees. To make the most out of your membership you are highly encouraged to join a committee. Read below to find a committee that suites your interests and talents. NOTE: All committee times and locations are subject to change without notice. Be sure to reach out to the committee director before attending your first meeting.

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Chase Salas

The Chair of MYP is the principal executive Officer of the Corporation, and presides at all meetings of the Members and of the Board.  The Chair has general and active management of the Corporation and is tasked with seeing that all orders and resolutions of the Board are carried into effect.  The Chair of MYP functions in a fiduciary capacity and discloses any possible or perceived conflicts of interest to the Board at the first annual Board meeting.  The Chair in general, performs all duties incident to the office of Chair and such other duties as may be prescribed by the Board from time to time.




Director of Membership

Robin Seay

The Membership committee is comprised of individuals whose focus is to grow and retain the lifeblood of our organization, it’s members. Our goal on the committee is making sure that anyone who enters the organization feels welcomed, and also helps that person get connected and stay aware of all of the latest events we have upcoming. We also want to continuously ask our current members how we can make the most out of their membership, and ways to improve the experience. If people are your thing, this is the committee to join.


Gace Tant.jpeg

Director of Marketing & Communications

Grace Tant

The marketing and communications committee is responsible for promoting all of the activities for MYP events, as well as keeping the membership informed of all business. This goal is achieved by managing all emails sent out, as well as managing the website and social media, and keeping in close communication with all other committee heads.



Director of Community Outreach

Matthew Stump

As members of the Community Outreach Committee, we plan and oversee all community outreach events and projects. We do several hands on projects throughout the year with amazing organizations such as United Way, Boys and Girls Club, Junior Achievement, and other great Murfreesboro organizations. In addition to our hands on projects, we also do a few fundraising events to donate monetarily to some of the previously mentioned organizations. If you are looking for a way to get involved, give back, and make a difference in the Murfreesboro community, we are the committee for you!



Director of Professional Development

Jessica Prater

Our committee serves the MYP organization by helping MYP member’s professional development.  We plan a bi-monthly luncheon with our year culminating in the Leadership Summit.  We have a great committee and would love your input and help in making MYP a leader in professional development.



Director of Social Programming

Chase Brandon

The social programming committee plans monthly social evening events that provide opportunities for members to network with those who may offer beneficial perspective and guidance. Locations vary, but an emphasis is placed on local establishments to promote cross introductions between members and businesses.



Director of Mentor Program

Joel Laird

Assist in the curriculum of the Mentor Program for MYP members and facilitate members to be speakers at the MTSU Jones College of Business annual Professionalism Week.




Director of Special Events

Brad Hopkins

The Special Events Committee plans for the very popular MYP Trivia Night and MYP Cornhole Tournament event. These events are not only fun, but raise a large amount of money for the local charities we support. Come join the Special Event Committee and help MYP continue the exciting event and raise needed funds for our community.



Director of Charitable Contributions

Matthew Chase





Kelly Prince





Bryan Nale


At-Large Board Members

Any At-large Board Member is charged with representing the membership. At-large Board Members bring recommendations, contribute to discussions, vote, and serve on at least one committee.

William Moore

Megan Henley

Leslie Smith 

Tyler Haynes

Daryl Simpson

Matthew Ledbetter

Cristin Wittwer

Connor Shea